Monday, January 25, 2010

To Be Moved and Isolation

As of right now we have 2 28ft semi box trailers, 1 45ft semi box trailer, 1 step deck semi trailer, 4 bumper pull trailers, 1 gooseneck, 1 5th wheel and all our vehicles. Daddy and Grandpa have been looking into buying another semi. The one that they have now is not real powerful and is old and tired. They want one with a double sleeper and more powerful engine. It's amazing all the stuff that we have to move. We keep trying to go through the stuff and get rid of things that we don't need but it seems like what we are down to at this point is stuff that either is sentimental like photos or things that would cost less to haul than they would to replace like our beds and such. We also have alot of stuff that we will need to use up there like fishing gear, hunting gear, solar pannels, and other survival gear.

We'll see if they can find something. It would be nice for them if they could find one not only for the move but because they want to work driving truck in Alaska. The cheif of the local village has already made a handshake deal with them to use them as the driver for the village. Right now that is the only derect work lead they have. Other than that it will probably be alot of small side jobs and craft sales.

Grandpa does alot of traveling and sells reenactment stuff. From handmade indian jewlery to tents and wool blankets etc.... My mom (Nana) and I had started a business at one point selling crafted baby items; clothing, toys, blankets, etc.... We could never find the right niche in our area but one of my older sisters started selling some of our stuff online for us and that has been nice. I'm hoping that some of the crochet stuff will sell better in Alaska were there is a higher demand for warmer clothes for kids and babies. I would also like to produce some income from farm fresh eggs and goats milk. Since the nearest grocery store is 160 miles from the village I am hoping that some of the locals will be interested in the eggs and milk.

I know I keep saying this over and over but I can't wait for this move to be over. The stress is just so overwhelming. I have days were I just want to cry. At the same time though I am so afraid of isolation. As it is Daddy doesn't let me (mama) do much of anything. I'm not really allowed to go anywere or do anything accept to the grocery store. Once we get moved to Alaska the grocery store will be a once every couple of months or so thing. Even the village is 16 miles away so it will be hard to convince Daddy to even let me go into the village for anything. I don't want the kids or myself to be isolated. The kids especially need to learn to be social I don't want them to be socially handicaped.


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