Moore Space

Keep your eyes on the main blog page for our new pictures and stories. All is well. Weather getting above 0 frequently now. Been snowing off and on this week. Saw a beautiful northern light display but couldn't get it on film. Darryl trying to keep the saw running to keep us all in fire wood. Saw not cooperating though..... Kids growing like weeds. Celebrated alot of b-days so far with many more to come. Making lots of new friends. Love to all

This is the Itroduction and update page for the Moore's. That is Darryl, Cindy, September and Ian. There own little space to keep their friends up to date on how they are adjusting to the wilds of Alaska. I will still post info about them in my main blog page as well. This will be their space were they can express their own ideas and opinions.
Ian and his first Grouse taken with one shot from the pellet gun

I have enjoyed myself so far. but i miss my freinds dearly. I am very embaressed by this picture but i was joking with Lisa  and she got the picture of me making this hilarious face. well i am glad to be here and i have a loving family here and as you see a ton of funny to still to make at people i have only lived here for 4 months but most of them have been in happiness and am glad we are in the cabin. i am enjoying the concept "personal space"
well i have been homeschooling and im actually getting psyed at the future school day  wham surprise to me.

long and snowy roads, lots of nice people and beautiful sights to see. warmth and hospitality. many thanks and Blessings to all those friends and Family for all they've done and do for us. Miss the ready access to the net and chatting with my Family, The cabin is snug and warm and feel Blessed to be allowed to be able to stay there. Lots more snow since arriving. Takes some getting use to not having easy access to the mail and water. But will adjust in time.  MERRY CHRISTMAS to All Our Freinds and Family members where ever they call home.

Our front door wreath from AZ  shh don't tell anyone it's not real lol

So far retirement Alaska still greatly appeals to me.  I am working hard but enjoying every minite.  Still trusting God greatly as I am still adjusting to being here at winter. Cutting wood at -30 is a real trip that everybody I know back in Az ought to experience. As much as I miss all my friends at Safeway 245 and my family this is my home. The cabin is great and will be learning how to cook on the wood stove that Ken made for us.

our outhouse built in a snow storm by Ken.  Will need a few adjustments in the dryer weather.
 Our heat and cook stove. Another thank you to Ken and Darrel S. with out which we'd be mighty cold.
 Our first Christmas tree in AK thanks to all the Grand kiddos.
Dad D eating some cream of wheat by the fire.
September in the kitchen. Still working on getting things into a smaller space.