Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Next Trip

We are in the process of preparing for the next trip North. Ken will be leaving next Monday May 10th. This trip will be the 40' trailer with our personal items, furnature, etc.. We are also prepping for the last trip since as soon as Ken gets home we will be heading out for good. This trip Ken will drive up the MAC and then fly back. I've booked his flight for Monday May 24th he'll get home Tuesday morning. Then we'll get the last few small items mostly kid outside toys and head out. The lasy trip will be Ken pulling the 5th wheel with  the Frieghtliner and I will be pulling a car hauler trailer with my Expedition with the kids play house and the woodstove on it. We should be hitting the road before Memorial Day.

The kids are doing well. Lisa is ready to get moved, she still asks to go to Alaska every day. They are all getting so big and are very active. I wish I had something exciting to report at this time but life is pretty much packing getting prepped to move. Readjusting items in the 5th wheel getting stuff preped for motion.