Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh, The Merry Month of May!

The month of May was a busy one indeed. The community is hustling and bustling as the tourists start coming and the residence start prepping for summer activities. Those that flew south for the winter have returned including the return of miners who have come out to try their luck. Many residence will head out to fish camp for a portion of their summer spent putting up a nice supply of Salmon for the winter months. 

April 29th brought flood waters to Manley when an ice jam on the Tanana caused the slough water to rise well above the banks. Many homes had flood damage as well as lost boats, wood supplies and other items that floated away. The community really pulled together to help those that were effected. 

May 4th Ken gave us a gun shooting and safety lesson.

May 5th we went to a big BBQ at the Tribal Council hall for the three oldest children of our friends the Wolfe's. We had a great time with great food and amazing people. 

On May 6th Ken and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. That morning we went to church and after church Ken and my dad Darryl left for Fairbanks to build some rental cabins. While they were working in Fairbanks Mom, the kids and I got to go in and work at Dart Am Farms. We did allot of stick picking and planted allot of strawberries as well as getting to do some work in the greenhouses watering, picking, and pruning.  

Saturday May 12th was community clean up day. Several people from the community gather together to rack up leaves, cut brush and pick up trash. Mainly we worked in the park area, on the roadside and around the dump(also known as the Manley Mall). 

Sunday May 13th Mother's Day. We went to church and enjoyed service and the singing of a quartet of young men. Then we had a very nice potluck. 

Then we really started to work on our own gardening. We started prepping the Scott's greenhouse for planting and set up our new little greenhouse that we got from Sam's Club. We moved our little Buckeye chicks with the big birds and Ken brought home 10 new Americana chicks 2 of which died 2 days later. The first chicks that we have lost. Ken picked them up early from the feed store in Fairbanks before they spent their initial 24 hours of observation so they we not guaranteed. 

I pet sat for some neighbors about 2 miles away for a while which I always enjoy. It's my only time I get to have a little cat time. Ken doesn't care for cats and I think our dogs would eat them. I always had cats growing up and I miss them. So, it's nice to be able to go pet the cats and listen to them purr. 

We had a small BBQ in honor of the Scott's on May 25th. It rained and rained so we all gathered together on the porch of the Scott's old cabin that my folks are now in. It was a small space but it brought us all close together and made for a nice cozy afternoon with some fine folks. 

The next day we butchered 18 of our 20 meat birds. One died a couple days prior and another died about a month before from a broken neck. Ken was putting their water container back in and they all mobed him. He tried to shoo them away but the one still managed to get his head under it. Ken felt terrible.

Monday May 28th was the Memorial Day picnic at Walter Wood's park. There was a nice gathering and good food. 

Sunday June 3rd my dad Darryl got put on the spot at church. Due to mechanical trouble Pastor Earl was unable to make it in. Darryl didn't know he would be preaching until he arrived at the church about 10 minutes prior to service. He delivered a good sermon on God's love. There was also a gentlemen visiting who was able to play the guitar and lead us in singing. This was also the day that I officially announced the opening of the new church library that I have been working on. If anyone would like to donate books, CD's, DVD's etc... You can send them to: 
Manley Hot Springs Baptist Church
c/o Sarah Smith
PO BOX 101
Manley Hot Springs, AK 99756

June 4th ASRC resumed work on the Manley Hot Springs Airport project and Ken was back to working locally. They have had allot of short days though do to all the rain we have been getting. 

Friday June 8th a group of women got together and we cleaned at the church. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with some beautiful women of faith. 

Monday June 11th was the tailgate sale in Manley Hot Springs. I got some good deals on some new to me UGG slippers($5), a nice wooden salad bowl($2), 2 large plant pots($2), 2 nice microscope sets for homeschooling($5), Kids plastic wheelbarrow($.50) and some new bikes for September, Wyatt and Darryl (FREE).

My Grandpa Moore passed Away June 12th. My Mom and Dad flew to Arizona on Saturday the 16th to attend the funeral. September and Ian stayed with us.

Sunday June 17th Father's Day. We went to church and then I took Ken out to lunch at the Roadhouse. We tried to all be on our best behavior and give Ken a nice day.

June 18th we drove down to the landing to drop September off for Rock Crossing Bible Camp then June 22nd we picked her up. We got the good news that while at camp September accepted the Lord as her personal savior.

Thursday June 21st we put 7 of the 4 week old Americana chicks into the main pen under some broody hens who promptly adopted them. One of the chicks stayed in the house. She has a very crooked beak and has a hard time eating on her own. At this point I am hand feeding her three times a day. We named her Mouth because she is so noisy. 

This is just one of the 7 chicks we put out in the pen.

Saturday June 23rd there was a community picnic to unite the various community entities such as fire, rescue squad, parks association, community association, tribal council, Bean Ridge Corporation, crafter's guild, mushers association etc... It was great to see everyone get together as a community.

June 27th My 32nd Birthday. The kids helped cook the meals all day. We had chocolate chip  sour dough pancakes for breakfast, Mac n Cheese for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner. My husband and kids got me a pressure caner. My in laws got me a canning set with various caning items. My niece made me a shirt.

Saturday June 30th Mom and Dad returned from Arizona. They had a great visit with my sister Rebecca, my niece Alexis and my nephews Ethan and Dylan.

Yes, my sister also has a daughter  and twin sons though they are a bit older ;) My sister is also a twin.

July 1st my Mom and Dad took me to lunch after church at the roadhouse. Church was crowded with family members of locals out to visit and celebrate the 4th of July which is the BIG event in Manley Hot Springs. The highlight of my day was meeting a gentleman from Virginia who happened upon my blog while researching Alaska. He noticed a mention about one of Pastor Earl Malpas' many wonderful services. It had a link which he clicked on and found the Mission Air Care web site. On this site he read an article that included the name of a friend of his that he had not spoken with in years. He also signed up for the Mission Air Care newsletter. He then received a newsletter mentioning that MAC was loosing 3 of his bush missionaries. This gentleman has felt led to fill the void and bring his own ministry here to Alaska. He is here now getting his pilots licence and making preparations to move up his family and his sons family. He was even able to stop by and see our little  homestead. It was so amazing to hear that God was able to use this humble little site like that. Now many souls will be reached through this gentlemen. 

To The gentleman: If you read this I want to thank you so much for your visit and your story. You have really touched my family and we are so excited to see how God will work through you here in Alaska.

I was going to wait to publish this post until after July 4th so I could include that too but I think that is going to have to be a separate post since this on has turned out to be pretty long.

As always I would like to thank all of our friends, family and this fabulous community for all that you do. You are such a blessing to our lives each and every one of you. 

Sarah Sue Smith

Isaiah 42:16 KJV And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.