Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doing Laundry

The biggest differences so far between life in AZ and life in Alaska are the little things. Like, before going outside you don't check to make sure you have your cell phone you make sure you have your gun.  We have no cell service at all. Using an outhouse, instead of remembering to flush you have to remember to toss the used tissue in the bucket and not down the hole. By the way the outhouse doesn't stink. Then there is Laundry. Here are the steps I have to take to wash and dry a load of clothes. Step 1 take clothes from trailer into the laundry tent were the washer is and put them in. Step 2 turn on the generator: make sure well pump and washer are plugged in, flip switch to on, turn on the gas, turn up the choke (only when starting cold) Pull rope until it starts, let idle, turn down choke. Step 3 fill the tank: take the hose over to the power house, hook hose up to the hose hanging from the tank that sits on the roof of the power house, turn valve to open, go over to well pump and flip switch on, watch the tank fill, turn the pump off, turn valve to closed, unhook hose. Step 4 fill washer: take the hose into the laundry tent and place it in the washer, use soap container to hold hose in place, go out to well pump and turn on, go back into tent and put in soap, turn on washer and watch fill from hose and tank until 1 1/2 inches from top, go back out to pump and turn off, go back into tent and take hose out, close lid washer will start. Step 5 Rinse fill: about 20 minutes later go back out to washer, put hose back in washer hold in place with soap container, go out to pump and turn on, go back in to washer and watch fill until 1 1/2 inches from top, go back out and turn off pump, go back in and close lid so washer will start. Step 6  time to hang: Go out to washer, take out clothes and put in basket, turn off generator, Hang clothes with pins on line that hangs in the woods between the trees behind the laundry tent. Step 7 taking down clothes: at the end of the day if it hasn't rained clothes can be taken down from the line and are mostly dry. If it does start to rain you can pull the clothes off the line if they are almost dry or leave them on for an extra rinse if they are still damp. Added note steps 1-7 are all done with a 3 year old attached to my right leg.

This has been a glimps into everyday life.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

House Update Photos

Columns were made using half a 55 galon drum. Rebar rods were staked into the drums and down into the ground. Then the barrels were filled with concreat.

Then large steel beams were placed on blocks of wood that were set on top of the barrels.

Then the wood floor was framed on top of the ateel beams.
The next step will be to Tyvec under the framed floor which will require the floor to be lifted temporarily from the beams. Then they will put insulation in the floor, then sheet the floor.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Soon I would like to post my log from the trip but that is going to take alot of typing so I will save it for another day and just try to get a few pictures up of the place here so that everyone can see were we are.

Power House

Out House with tin set up around it in attempt to save it from the fire.

I'll try to take more shots as we build on the house. Right now they are putting down the gravel pad and setting up columns.