Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Back To Alaska

Well we have recooped from the fire and now thanks to our wonderful family in Arizona we are staging for our move back to the homestead. We will be starting over on the ashes of the old home site. The outhouse still remains but the house will be a complete rebuild. The house will be like 2 homes in one with one side for us and the other side for Grandpa and maybe a future Grandma if we can find him a good woman ;) By the way we are a young family and Grandpa is not an old man. No gray hair and cane, Grandpa is a 6'3" mountain of a man with shoulder length Black hair and tree trunks for arms. I'm ma and will probably be doing most of the typing as pa is not into computers and the kids can't spell yet (not that I'm that great at it). Grandpa is my dad and he has 3 other children my older sisters who are twins and my younger brother. Little brother and at least one of my sisters and her family may join us on the Alaska homestead at some point in the future. We will have to start over buying new chickens and goats and setting up a garden plot. We already have what we need for our solar and wind power, but need to replace our wood cookstove. Right now I'm looking into the different brands trying to find the one that would be right for us. It will be used for cooking, heat and hot water. We have a nice 2 seater outhouse and no plans for indoor toilets aside from a potty training seat for the twins and maybe a thunder mug for our daughter to use on subzero nights. In our time in the lower 48 we have aquired alot of junk that we will moving home with us starting next month. It may have to sit in storage in Fairbanks for a couple months as the roads home may not be open. Our homestead is 160 miles from the nearest grocery store, doctor, hospital, etc... We really can't wait to go back. Our daughter asks us every day if it's time to go build the new house. Though she is very excited to get back to Alaska and eat some Moose meat I don't think she will enjoy the week long road trip. the boys will also be much more aware and bored I think this trip as they will be one year old next month. I'm a little nervouse about making the drive myself as I will have to actually drive one of the vehicles this trip. I'm trying to talk my mom into going with me and I can just fly her back to AZ. I really want her to see Fairbanks as I'm trying to talk her and my step dad into moving there. I think they would be really happy there and I think it would be a better place for my neice and nephew ( my step sisters kids that they are raising) to grow up. Well it sounds like the natives are getting wrestless and mama's after lunch quite time is coming to an end. I hope that all who read this will be well.


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