Monday, January 18, 2010

A Rainy Day & 5th Wheel Life

Not much getting done for packing today. It's a rainy day here in Northern Arizona. Our current project is moving Grandpa's stuff from a 28ft box trailer to a 43ft because the 28ft  was way over loaded.

Though the kids have adjusted well to life in the 5th wheel I'm getting tired of the constant mess. There just arent enough places to put things and there are always toys all over the floor. When the weather is nice it's not as bad because we spend alot of time outside. The kids all share a room with sister on the top bunk and brothers on the bottom. Recently we discovered mold in all of the window sills were the condensation has been building up and molding. Now we have the morning routine of wiping down all of the windows. I can't complain too much it's a nice 5th wheel with a 14ft slideout. Poor Grandpa is sleeping in an old 5th wheel shell with no heat and alot of drafts. At least here in Northern AZ it doesn't get much colder than 10*F. When we get home to Alaska it will probably still be even colder than that. Grandpa has a much nicer 5th wheel sitting up there. Now he comes and hangs out with us when it gets too cold just so he can warm up a little. Grandpa (my dad) Was out of state mostly in Alaska when I was growing up so I didn't get to see much of him. It's almost as if I'm just getting to really know him. He has been a great Grandpa to my kiddos and is very hands on willing to comfort a crying baby or read storries. I feel so blessed that I have this opurtunity now to get to know my Dad.

I guess I should quit slacking off this morning and go tackle the mountain of dishes taking over the sink. After clam chouder and bisquits last night and bisquits and gravy this morning the mountain is very high and threatning to crash onto the floor. Have a wonderful day.


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  1. I am very interested in reading more about your story on your blog! I'll be watching your facebook updates to see when you post next! :)