Thursday, February 4, 2010

And so grows the fleet

Well first off I want to start by saying that I was trying not to use our names to protect the idetities of our children, but all this mommy/daddy stuff is getting anoing. Sooooo, I am going to start using names but the names will be changed to protect the innocent. I will use middle names so that family and friends know who I am talking about and if for some reason they don't they can ask me. Mommy is Sue, Daddy is Ray, Daughter is Louise, Twin A John, Twin B Robert, Grandpa Wayne. Ok now on to the real story.

The men folk brought home another semi truck. This one is a huge brown Mack with a double bunk stand up sleeper. The thing is just huge inside and very plush compared to the Freightliner. The guy left all his stuff in it so I'm trying to help clean it out. There is alot of trash, but also alot of useful stuff. I even found a magnifing glass that Louise has claimed. Then yesterday the men went to Phoenix again and this time they brought back another 45'trailer. Now we have to move our stuff from the 2 28' trailers into the 45'. Thats going to be a ton of fun (NOT).

Today with the help of my good friends Emilie and Johnathan we butchered 4 of our roosters. Now we have 4 fewer mouths to feed and some extra meat in the freezer. We kept one rooster just because he is so pretty I just didn't want to butcher him yet. The others were good looking birds as well but were a little older. The one that we kept is not even a year old. He is huge and black with some flecks of brown around his neck. His black feathers shimmer green and purple in the sunshine. He is huge and worked his way up to top bird very quickly with little resistance. It is always hard to take a life I'm glad that I was distracted by the kids when they were actually killed. Once they are dead I don't have any trouble plucking them and once they are plucked there is such little resmeblence to their former selves it is easy to not think about them as much as living creatures and more as a food source. Once they are clean it's like any other whole fryer you would buy at the grocery store. To me though at least the birds that we have butchered in the past seem to taste more like turkey then like the store bought chickens. They have a darker more flavorfull meat.

While the roosters were being handled the kids got to play with our friends kids. The two girls who are only six months apart had a good time. It was also nice to get to see our friends new baby girl who is so preciouse with a huge dipple in her tiny little cheek.

Thank goodness for my granny who is letting us stay at her place. She let me take a frozen pizza out of her freezer for dinner. Ray went off to help his friend work on his truck so it's just the kids and I and after all the business of the day I just don't feel like cooking. Then my wonderful uncle Jon came down to the trailer and brought me a case of Cherry Pepsi what a treat. I don't drink caffeen very often because I'm nursing the boys but when I do splurge a Cherry Pepsi makes a nice little treat. I'm really hoping that the boys will sleep well tonight. I'm so tired and worn out. I really need a good nights sleep and a deep tissue massage but for now I'll settle for the good nights sleep ;) Well since it's taken me almost 2 hours to write this while trying to do other things I guess I better give it a rest.

God Bless,

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