Wednesday, September 7, 2011

O How Pride Doth Come Before The Fall

I'm sure that some of you are waiting for an update on events from July and August. I'm working on it but having a hard time uploading all the pictures.

Meanwhile I need to clear my head about something so I thought hey why not share my embarasing jack***ery with the world. Nothing brings you back down to earth after all, better than a big smack in the face saying "hey you! remember, your a shmuck". I'll start first with a little story from a few weeks ago while working on the half cabin (yes I mean half cabin will explain in July/Aug update). Anyway Ken had gone up to help our friends the Scott's and I had started putting up some insulation. I got the wall done that he had asked me to do and thought well heck I'll just go right on ahead and get it all done. I'll even stand this other wall and get it started. We did a double 2 x 4 wall with offset studs so the wall I was standing was an inside wall. A while later Ken comes home and here I am beaming so proud that I...YES I... had single handedly finished the insulation. What a big help I had been to my wonderful husband how pleased he would be for the break in working with insulation. Hear all that pride talking? Well thats were the fall comes it comes......I used the wrong insulation! I used the unfaced that we had used on the outer walls instead of the faced. I didn't even realize we had two different kinds. I had just started with the open bunk and then opened the next bunk on the stack. What a SHMUCK! Ken forgave me and we ended up just leaving it that way since it wasn't a huge deal. It's just the point of just when you think you did something great WHAM!

Now if you thought that was good buckle your seat belt. This one here is the mother of all screw ups. My motivation for this little rant. Lets start with a little back story since you haven't had the pleasure of reading my unpublished July/Aug Update as of yet. We are trying to help out some older friends the Scott's with things that need to be done around their place. When Ken is gone I enjoy going up and helping with whatever I can. It makes me feel useful and I truelly enjoy helping the people that I care about. Anyway the past couple of days we have been doing some little odd jobs getting things ready for the winter. One of todays tasks was putting some gravel around the base of the house to fill in holes that might look inviting to mice and other small creepy crawly things. Ah and in steps me with my brilliance. I will go and fetch the gravel I say. Not in 5 gal buckets but in...dun dun duhhhhh... THE BACKHOE!!!! Yes, I was going to attempt (in Ken's absence) to drive the back hoe accross the street to the gravel pit and bring back a bucket O gravel. Did I do it? YES I DID! Was I proud as can be? Yes I was. I clammered up in that ol backhoe look at me arent I just smart. I shoveled out some accross the front of the house. Looks good I thought. Then next step. Drive around to the back. Ok here I go. OOPS better stop I thought "I don't think the hoe will clear those power lines" better back up and go around the other way. OK ready for the clencher? Can I get a drum roll please?!?! So proud still! I had driven the back hoe to the pit. I had scooped a bucket of gravel. I had driven back. I had completed the front side and I missed the power lines I am sooooo.... wait a minute...whats that??? NO I couldn't have heard right?? YUP POWER LINES ARE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sh** I missed one set of power lines to bad I already took down the main one to the house. Here I am supposed to be helping and I just caused more damage in a few seconds than I could stand. I wanted so bad to bury my head in the sand and cry! The last thing on earth I would want is to cause hard ship on someone that I care about especially while I'm supposed to be helping. conclusion I AM A WORTHLESS SHMUCK!!!!! It seems like the harder I try to be helpful the more I screw things up. If anyone has some advice for me on how not to fail so misserabley at everything I touch I would love to hear it. I just want to help and be useful why is such a good intension always squashed under the weight of failure.

Ok I'll step down off my soap box now. The kids have finally fallen asleep so I'm going to walk back up to the Scott's and see if I can help repair the damage caused by hurricane Sarah. Wish me luck and Pray Hard that I don't mess up anything else today.

Blessings to all of you and big hugs too. :)


  1. Aww Sarah your not a worthless shmuck!! Your an Awesome Creative Woman, Mother, Wife, Neighbor!!!! Don't be hard on yourself!! We all make a few oops. Now go indulge in some well deserved chocolate :)

  2. YOU are NOT worthless. YOU are NOT a schmuck. YOU are NOT anything except a wonderful, caring poerson with a heart of gold. No good deed goes unpunished :) Keep helping! love ya! Miss ya!

  3. I admire your adventurous spirit, zest for life, initiative and willingness to share. Now you know one more way how not to drive a backhoe! :-)

  4. I'm with Liz! Chocolate is the answer to every woe! :D

    Sorry you've had some troubles, but that doesn't make you worthless. You're a good-hearted young woman who only wanted to help. Your intentions were great even if there were some *oops* moments.