Friday, June 17, 2011

June 6th - One Year Celebration

I bet you all were wondering if we were still alive. Maybe even taking bets on weather we were eaten by bears, stomped by moose, or carried off by mosquitoes. Well the fact of the matter is we are still here just not the same here that we were before. Confused? Me too. Due to unfortunate, bizzar and frightning circumstances we are no longer living were we were before. Please excuse me from going into details as it is a matter of family drama and I would prefer to keep it in the family. The only comment I really have on the matter is: if you happen to be among the few poor souls receiving negative info about us I ask that you consider the source of the info and get to know us before you pass judgment as the truth has a way of shinning through. That being said lets move on.

In a twist of fate our year in Alaska has brought us full circle. We moved up built a house, survived our first winter and then come spring started the process all over. We are buying 20 acres from the state that lies about 1 1/2-2 miles off the highway on what is basically a quad/snow machine trail. We have been working toward improving the trail by widening and bringing in gravel. The trail was VERY muddy and is still not to a point were we can start hauling our stuff back in there. Meanwhile we are staying at another location in our 5th wheel travel trailer. I'm sorry I can not give specifics on our location but we arent very far from the property we are buying or from the property that we built on last summer. So now the trick is going to be getting something built that we can spend the winter in. I'll try to take pictures and blog about the process once we are able to actually get started.

For now the chickens are getting big should start seeing eggs the end of next month. We built them a nice little coop. Not as fancy or large as the one we had in AZ but should keep them warm and happy over the winter. The peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin, beans, sage, parsley, and dahlias that we planted at the other house are still doing well. I actually have more tomatoe and pepper plants than I know what to do with. I'm sad that I wont get to direct plant this year, but life goes on and I can always hope to plant a nice garden next year. I'm still taking the Alaskan Growers Gardning School class through the University Of Alaska Fairbanks. 2 more lessons to go for the basic class and then the advanced class comes next. I celebrated my one year Alaskan Anniversary by getting my hunting/fishing licence and a bear tag. I'm really looking forward to picking lots of berries this year and preserving them for the winter.

PicNic at the gravel pit

I am VERY excited about the upcomming visit from my mom, dad niece and nephew July 11th-25th. I want to share as much of our new world with them as I can in that time and hope that it will light a fire under them to hurry up and move up here with us. The hardest part of Alaskan life for me has been being away from my mom. I hope to be able to share lots of pictures and stories from their visit as well as Manley's anual 4th of July events. We will be even more involved in the events this year as Ken is a member of the volunteer fire department and I am a member of the crafters guild. In addition to the community events the tribal council is also planning a big concert/dance for July 3rd and 4th. With Ken working for the council driving the bus we will be attending those events as well. The kids also are getting to know and open up to the people in town more and will be more tolerant of the crowds.

Most people make their yearly goals at new years for us we find ourselves setting goals here at the start of our second Alaskan new year. The one thing I would like most of all in this new Alaskan year is PEACE. To be free of the stress and chaos that has been swirling around us for far too long now. The biggest goal would be getting a house built before winter. We may have to be flexable on this goal and entertain other options such as renting a cabin or something should we fall short of our actual goal. With three small children the 5th wheel in winter is just not an option. Other goals that we have are trying our hands at dog mushing. The kids, Lisa especially have really been wanting to mush. We are looking into getting three dogs here soon from Wild and Free Mushing. One is a 6 year old vet who has run many a race and knows his stuff. The other 2 are young pups who will be learning right along with us as the older dog teaches us all. I'll post more pics and info on them later. There are also other smaller goals of getting a garden/greenhouse area planned out and other things to prep for next summer. Then there will be the ongoing tasks of firewood, chamber pots and such to keep us from getting bored.

This New Alaskan year will be the start of a whole new adventure for us. I hope that you all will stick with us and enjoy our new adventure, struggles, and acomplishments. Blessings to all of you and thank you to our friends and family for your support and prayers. We ask that you please continue to pray for us.

Thank You :)

The Smiths

Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded. 2 Chronicles 15:7 


  1. You are so busy with 3 little ones and now moving. I'm sorry to hear about all the drama, but the good Lord allows things to happen for a reason. We might not understand it, but it is for the best. With that being said we will continuing praying for all of you :) Looking forward to more blog updates and pictures.

  2. I'm sorry that all has happened and you're starting over. I hope that things move smoothly for you all, and before you know it, you're settled in a new home!

  3. One of the reason I loved it up here in Alaska was because there were no snakes. I hate that it no longer the case. Those two don't even have rattlers to give warning. They just slither in on their bellies as sneaky as they can be in attempts to spread their venom as widely as possible.

  4. I'm so glad you posted! I wondered what happened. I'm still following you and I'm encouraged by your ability to just brush off and move ahead. No sense in looking in the rear view mirror! I really look forward to your future posts and photos. Summer is wonderful in Alaska and I hope you get lots of non-rainy days! Until then .... keep your chin up!

  5. Sorry you have to go tru all of this, hope the 20 acres you bought brings you and your family everything you hope for.

    Please keep posting, I love to read about your life.