Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Realy Cute Chicks!!!


Mason Jar Feeder and Waterer


Red Chanteclers

Hey all our first 10 baby chicks are here. We will have 20 by next week but not all the breeds we wanted were available this week. We have 5 Americanas and 5 Red Chanteclers. We will be getting 5 Polish and 5 meat birds (cornish cross). We brought in our old Quail brooder because our Chick brooder wouldn't fit through the door. It's way taller than we need but it will work. We have them sitting behind the woodstove with a small heat lamp. They aren't day olds though their probably a week or more old. The Americanas are a bit older than the others. I want to eventually inter breed these three breeds and possibly add some Wyandotte to the mix later on. The breeds that we have now have basically no combs or waddles and no feathered feet. That way they are less likely to get frost bite and won't have issues with the snow sticking to their feet. This will be a major learning experiance for us as all past experiance was in the Arizona high desert. We will have many more preditors and more extream weather to deal with. We will have to take those things into consideration as we build their housing and yard.
Lisa's Painting


  1. Lisa is very talented. That is an adorable picture.

  2. Those baby chicks are adorable!

    One of my co workers was in Manley the other day and realized I hadn't stopped in to visit your blog in awhile to see what you were up to.

    I really enjoy reading and I wish I had half the guts ya'll have for living so far out from town.

    Personally, if I didn't have a spouse that needed fairly close medical attention I'd probably try it someday.. But until then.. I live vicarously through your blog!

  3. Hopefully we'll be have all your learning experiences to count on when we finally get around to setting up our coop. Next year... fingers crossed!

  4. Sara and Ken,
    I am totally in awe of all your experiences and new way of life. You are both obviously very determined and resourceful. Keep up the good work and I will keep watching your progress. You are all in my prayers.

  5. Thanks guys we're really trying. We've had alot of help from good neighbors, family and an amazing community.

    In my next post I'll post some pictures of the New Polish chicks they are super cute with their puffs on top of their heads. And some updates on the others. We may end up getting more chicks than we had first planned. Seems we have some folks lined up wanting to buy eggs. In AZ we had a flock of around 30 and they paid for themselves. Would be nice if we could do that again or maybe even turn a small profit ;)